About Full Broadside

We'll be good...one day...

Nullsec PVP

We live near Vale of the Silent, an active null region, which means we will always have access to PVP content when we look.

Experienced Small Gang PvPers

Our pilots are experienced in small-gang and nano PVP. We're willing to teach anyone, as long as you're willing to learn!

Easy Jita Access

With our proximity to Jita, you have access to easy logistics as often as you want, allowing you to restock as needed and keep the flow of ships coming!

You Scout It, You Keep It!

Keep the loot for any possible target that you scout for us to kill! A great way to make money by enjoying PVP activities.

Welcoming Community

We're always ready to welcome new friends and corpmates to enjoy the game with!

Always at work!

We're always ready to search for new content, no matter where it takes us!

How to Join Full Broadside

Create an account on our forums and follow the directions in the Applications subforum. You can also idle in our Discord to speak with corp members.


Timoxa Zero



Gram Schmidt